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Building Your Dreams into Reality

What we are providing

Workshops and Training Programs

 - Specialized courses in real estate investment.

  - Cultural courses for traders to enhance their investment knowledge and skills.

  - Advanced workshops in economic and legal fields.

  - Training programs in clean energy utilization.

  - Workshops on climate change adaptation strategies.

Legal Consultation and Support:

- Legal consultations regarding investment regulations and investor rights protection.

  - Assistance for investors in understanding their legal obligations.

  - Specialized legal advice for private companies to develop their businesses.

Guidance and Recommendations

- Issuing guidelines and recommendations on best practices for implementing investment regulations.

  - Practical advice to improve and protect investments.

  - Recommendations on clean energy use and climate change adaptation.

Local and International Economic Development:

- Enhancing collaboration between local and international investors to attract investments.

  - Creating an attractive investment environment through providing necessary information and support.

  - Encouraging sustainable investments in emerging sectors like clean energy.

Programs and Events:

Organizing economic conferences and seminars to discuss the latest developments and challenges in the investment field.

  - Hosting events to strengthen connections among investors and facilitate experience exchange.

  - Raising awareness of climate change and the importance of clean energy.

Successful awareness-raising campaigns on environmental sustainability and green cities.

We specialize in creating campaigns on environmental sustainability and green cities that have become a critical factor for businesses and individuals alike.

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Professional Team
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The Best Solution To Realize Your Dream

The Al-Memar Foundation for Economic Development and Public Services is a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to fostering economic development and promoting investment awareness. Our primary focus is on providing guidance and recommendations related to the implementation of legal investment regulations to ensure the protection and support of investors on all fronts. Through a variety of programs and activities, we strive to create an attractive and secure investment environment.


Developing Communities through Real Estate

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